5 Reasons Why Alcohol Prevents You From Building Muscle

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it’s been a long time since the last update as I just had no time to blog but now I’m back with a new quite interessting post. There are lots of aspiring athletes who want to know if alcohol is really that bad if you want to build muscles or lose fat. Simple answer: Yes it is.

Drinking too much alcohol has a huge negative impact, not just on your muscle gains but also on your body.

I don’t think I’ve to tell you that alcohol isn’t healthy at all, in fact it’s more toxic than most people think and it’s important for you to understand how alcohol affects your progress.

If you truly want to achieve an impressive physique than you should know about these 5 ways that alcohol slows down your progress.

1. Alcohol Has Negative Effects on Protein Synthesis

When amino acids are connected together to form complete proteins, this process is called protein synthesis. Consumption of alcohol decreases protein synthesis by up to 20%. Well, you know your muscles are made of protein so I think you get the point.

2. Alcohol Makes You Fat

It’s true, because with 7 empty calories 1g alcohol contains nearly as much calories as fat (9 cal). The Kreb’s Cycle is important when it comes to fat burning and guess what? Alcohol disrupts it.

3. Decrease of Testosterone Increase of Estrogen

Sounds like a really bad nightmare for every male athlete, right? The most crucial hormone for muscle-building is testosterone and a limiting factor of how much muscle mass a person can build is the amount of free-flowing testosterone.

4. Dehydration Caused by Alcohol

In order to break down alcohol, the kidneys have to filter a large quantity of water which causes dehydration within the body. Water plays a very important role in muscle-building and being just slightly dehydrated will have negative consequences. Muscles alone contaom 70% of water.

5. Alcohol Empties the Body of Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and minerals are necessary to keep little processes in your body working correctly and lots of these processes include muscle growth and fat burning. Alcohol consumption causes vitamins (A, B’s, C) and minerals (zinc, calcium, phosphorous) to be emptied very quickly, something you definitely don’t want to happen to your body.

You see alcohol can slow down your progress in muscle-building a lot so always think of these 5 points when you’re about to grab another beer. Is it really worth it? I don’t say you should stop drinking completely but if you’re serious about achieving a great physique you should monitor your drinking. A few drinks from time to time won’t destroy your muscle gains but if you catch yourself drinking every weekend till you hit the floor you can say goodbye to your muscle growth (and welcome new fat gains).

Personally, I drink at the most once a month although sometimes there are months where I drink not a bit. This doesn’t mean you can’t have fun anymore, I go out and party quite often (2-4 times a month) but I don’t need to drink alcohol to have lots of fun and I hope you neither.

So, how about you? Did you like this post and are you going to change your drinking habits if necessary? Let us know in the commets section!


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