Building Muscle Mass While Losing Fat – Is It Possible?

A lean, muscular and ripped body with rock hard abs is the goal of most bodybuilders and fitness athletes but why aren’t most people in such a condition? Only a few people you see in your gym can claim to be “in shape” and “ripped” so you might think it’s lots of hard work, discipline and patience, right? Right! It’s all about hard work, discipline and patience but that’s what bodybuilding is about and if you’ve been training for some time you know that.

Building Muscle Mass While Burning Body Fat – Truth or Myth?

After a long winter your scale might show 20 lbs more than before but while building muscle mass and strength we often forget about our abs which slowly will be covered by body fat if we’re not careful with our nutrition. Winter means Christmas which means lots of unhealthy but delicious food so you’re likely to store some body fat. With summer approaching, once again it’s time to restrict calories, do lots of cardio and burn away those fat layers. But this time you’ll approach the whole thing in a different way than before.

Should I keep bulking up or get on a diet and lose some fat?” – Maybe you asked yourself this question several times and you’re still not sure what to do but when reducing calories too much you might lose muscle mass you’ve worked so hard for. You definitely don’t want this to happen but you also want to see some hard abs when looking in the mirror so what the heck is the right choice? Wouldn’t it be great to do both simultaneously? When asking if it’s possible to build muscle and burn fat most will tell you that it’s stupid and useless because you have to choose one goal, either building muscle or losing fat. So you could give up, restrict calories and sacrifice some muscle mass in order to get in a lean and ripped condition or you could follow a new way to reach your maximum potential. Choice is yours.

Yes it’s possible to gain lean muscle mass while burning body fat and not only for people with superior genetics or steroid users but also for regular bodybuilders who want to achieve their full potential. There are only 3 fundamentals required: Hard work, discipline and some planning.

Protein, Carbs and Fat – How Much Do You Need?

One of the most important factors to build muscles and lose fat is your nutrition e.g. the amount of macronutrients (protein, carbs, fat) you eat. Changing these amounts and being strict with your diet is crucial to reach your fitness goals and not following it will result in never achieving your desired physique goals.


Protein is the most important macronutrient when it comes to building muscle mass and it’s totally necessary in every muscle building diet. Your daily protein intake should be around 1.5 g per pound of bodyweight (or 3g per kg of bodyweight) so an individual with a bodyweight of 200 lbs should eat 300g of protein a day. This makes sure your muscles are provided with enough amino acids to maintain and build muscle mass. Good choices for covering your protein needs are chicken, turkey, lean red meat, lean fish, protein powder, eggs (2 yolks a day are completely risk free), and cottage cheese.


Carbs are the main energy source and in this diet plan they’re also extremely important as they make the difference if this diet will be successful or not. Carbs are cycled throughout the whole plan so be very careful with your daily carbohydrate intake. Make sure to focus on complex carbs like oats, potatoes, rice, whole wheat products, vegetables and some fruits.


Don’t forget healthy fats in your diet because some fats are essential for maintaining hormones like testosterone, increasing fat burning and energy levels. On low carb days some calories are replaced with healthy fats to get enough calories without increasing protein or carb intake. Prime sources of fat are flax seeds, almonds, flax seed oil, fish oil, olive oil, walnuts and some yolks.

Starting the Fat Burning Engine

Now let’s take a look on how to manipulate these macronutrients to build muscle mass and strength while attacking our stored body fat. Protein intake will stay the same for a steady stream of amino acids providing your muscles with necessary nutrients for recovering and building muscle tissue. 1.5g per pound of bodyweight are optimal for this purpose, more protein won’t have any advantages regarding muscle growth.

It’s a little bit more complicated with carbs because they are manipulated in such a way to make the body use fat for fuel. You do this by eating low, medium and high amounts of carbs on different days. On low carb days fat is used as fuel while maintaining a high protein intake to save muscles. Don’t make the mistake of having like 5 low carb days in a row because this will result in a lack of energy and training intensity. After 2 days of low carb a medium or high carb day is appropriate.

This way your body keeps burning fat because your metabolism won’t decrease which means even though you eat more calories on medium and high carb days, your body won’t store any body fat. Carbohydrate intake should be 0.5g per pound bodyweight (1g per kg) on low carb days, 1.25g per pound (2.5g per kg) on medium days and 2.5g per pound (5g per kg) on high carb days.

Daily fat intake should be 0.5g per pound (1g per kg) of bodyweight on medium and high carb days and 0.75g per pound (1,5g per kg) on low carb days. Increasing healthy fat on low carb days has several reasons. It makes sure you get enough calories on low carb days so your body is provided with enough energy and it also keeps hormone levels up. Make sure to consume mostly healthy fats. Some fat from red meat also isn’t bad at all as it leads to increased testosterone but don’t overdo it.

Now it’s up to you to design a diet plan suiting the above guidelines. Remember, you have to be totally strict with your diet or your dream of building muscle while losing fat won’t come true. It can be done but discipline is crucial so don’t give up if you’re struggling sometimes because nobody has perfect days all the time.

I highly recommend Tom Venuto’s “Holy Grail Body Transformation Program” if you want to know more about building muscle while losing fat. The “Holy Grail Body Transformation Program” is specially designed for only one purpose: Gaining muscle mass while losing body fat.

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