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A Proper Bodybuilding Workout for Beginners

What’s the best bodybuilding workout routine for beginners? A lot of aspiring bodybuilders are wondering how their workout should look like to get the best results speaking of muscle gains. Unfortunately only few beginners follow a proper workout routine while most do workout routines used by professional athletes and posted in magazines. Learn what’s crucial for rookies to achieve great muscle and strength growth.

Everyone who tries something new needs to put in effort, patience and discipline to be more successful than the average. Same applies to bodybuilding where you’ll never get great results in terms of building muscle mass and strength if you start training like the average Joe. But how should a beginner start working out with weights? Continue reading

How to Build Muscle Mass – A Beginner’s Guide

Building lean muscle mass is the goal of most people who work out but how often can you see people working out for months and years without improving their physique? Most people get a gym membership, start working out without making any progress and dump it after a few weeks or months. No wonder those people are frustrated and think they just can’t gain any muscle mass because of their genetics. But it’s absolutely possible for anyone to build muscle mass even with the worst genetics ever. Continue reading

Building Muscle Mass While Losing Fat – Is It Possible?

A lean, muscular and ripped body with rock hard abs is the goal of most bodybuilders and fitness athletes but why aren’t most people in such a condition? Only a few people you see in your gym can claim to be “in shape” and “ripped” so you might think it’s lots of hard work, discipline and patience, right? Right! It’s all about hard work, discipline and patience but that’s what bodybuilding is about and if you’ve been training for some time you know that.

Building Muscle Mass While Burning Body Fat – Truth or Myth?

After a long winter your scale might show 20 lbs more than before but while building muscle mass and strength we often forget about our abs which slowly will be covered by body fat if we’re not careful with our nutrition. Winter means Christmas which means lots of unhealthy but delicious food so you’re likely to store some body fat. With summer approaching, once again it’s time to restrict calories, do lots of cardio and burn away those fat layers. But this time you’ll approach the whole thing in a different way than before.

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