Fat Loss

The 5 Most Important Fat Loss Factors

Since overweight is a common problem in today’s society a huge amount of people searching for the quickest way to lose weight and advice on how to get rid of their fatty pounds. Advertisements of the latest magic fat loss pill or some useless equipment claiming to burn away fat without doing any work are as common as ads of McDonalds promoting their new burger. This article shows you the most important and at the same time, most ignored factors to losing body fat. Not paying attention to these factors is the reason why most fat loss attempts fail.

The winter is gone and as the temperatures get higher it’s time to get rid of those muscle hiding layers also known as body fat. But what’s the best and fastest way to get rid of body fat? That’s probably the question most persons ask themselves (or Google). Unfortunately weight and fat loss is a billion dollar industry so the market is stuffed with bullsh** products that promise quick weight loss and an attractive body in no time. Advertising makes you believe you don’t have to watch your diet, training and lifestyle. But if it was really that easy why the heck are millions of people overweight and desperately trying to lose weight? Why are people getting fatter and not leaner? Continue reading

Effective Fat Loss Guide – Burn Fat Not Muscle

I’m wrting this post in late december 2010 but this fat loss guide will work any time, whether it’s summer or winter so get started right now. Instead of worrying about your body fat in late spring or early summer why not start taking care of it right now? Depending on your body fat % you could keep on building muscle mass but if your body fat is around 20% you’ll need about 16 – 20 weeks to get to 10% body fat without losing muscle mass (you can’t prevent yourself from losing muscle mass but you’re able to reduce it to a minimum). So if you want show off at the beach with a lean muscular physique and great six pack abs you’ll better start right now. But keep in mind that your mindset, nutrition and training have to be nearly perfect to achieve such fat loss in 16 – 20 weeks. Continue reading

Building Muscle Mass While Losing Fat – Is It Possible?

A lean, muscular and ripped body with rock hard abs is the goal of most bodybuilders and fitness athletes but why aren’t most people in such a condition? Only a few people you see in your gym can claim to be “in shape” and “ripped” so you might think it’s lots of hard work, discipline and patience, right? Right! It’s all about hard work, discipline and patience but that’s what bodybuilding is about and if you’ve been training for some time you know that.

Building Muscle Mass While Burning Body Fat – Truth or Myth?

After a long winter your scale might show 20 lbs more than before but while building muscle mass and strength we often forget about our abs which slowly will be covered by body fat if we’re not careful with our nutrition. Winter means Christmas which means lots of unhealthy but delicious food so you’re likely to store some body fat. With summer approaching, once again it’s time to restrict calories, do lots of cardio and burn away those fat layers. But this time you’ll approach the whole thing in a different way than before.

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The Truth About Cardio and Muscle Loss

What do you know about cardio? Should you really avoid it if you want to gain muscles? Even some certified personal trainer’s advice their clients not to do cardio while trying to gain muscle mass. Can cardio really hinder you from gaining muscle mass?

When I started training I didn’t do any cardio because I was skinny and I didn’t want my muscle gains to slow down. Of course I gained muscles but also lots of fat which I had to get rid of. Therefore I included cardio in my diet but it took me a while to lose most fat. I repeated this a few times because it was common and the only way to build muscles but then I got tired of that procedure and started doing cardio constantly. And you know what happened? Continue reading

Xtreme Fat Loss Diet by Joel Marion

The Xtreme Fat Loss Diet is a diet and training program designed by Joel Marion for one special purpose: To lose as much fat as possible in 25 days. It’s based on a highly strategic diet and training approach that includes 9 components as well as a 5 day diet and training cycle which is repeated 5 times. Continue reading

Cycling vs. Running – Which Is More Effective for Fat Loss?

I know that many athletes are wondering which is more effective to lose bodyfat, cycling or running and according to a study it seems that running is more effective if intensity is the same. The study compared a cycle ergometer and a treadmill and maximal fat oxidation was 28% higher when running compared to cycling although intensity, which caused maximal fat oxidation remained the same.

But this makes sense because when running the whole body is involved while cycling involves just legs. I recommed doing both as variety is always a good thing to do and it’s a good way of not getting bored by one method.

Discover The Benefits of Green Tea

Right now I’m sitting here drinking a cup of fresh green tea and I thought I let you know about the great benefits it has. Of course you could buy green tea capsules but why not just drink green tea as it’s cheaper and beneficial. Well, did you know green tea offers a whole lot of health benefits like antioxidants, increased metabolism, cancer protection and it keeps you energized, just to name a few of its benefits. Asians have been drinking this tea for hundreds of years because they’ve known about the medicinal uses for achieving and maintaining good health.

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