Effective Weight and Muscle Gain – Nutritional Guide

“Originally this post was addressed to hardgainers only i.e. people who are struggling with gaining weight in general but then I thought who wants to gain weight WITHOUT building muscle mass? So thus I put together a complete nutritional guide for aspiring and dedicated bodybuilders.

There’s also beginner guides on how to build muscle mass and proper beginner workouts, where you’ll find everything you need to know about exercises, workouts, training and much more. Make sure you check it out”

When looking through forums you often read posts like “I can eat anything without gaining weight”, “How to gain weight” or “My metabolism is so fast which makes gaining weight impossible”, probably as often as posts on weight loss. Persons fitting the last category often read stuff like that and wonder why they’re not “blessed” with a fast metabolism. Truth is no healthy person “suffers” from such a fast metabolism that makes weight gain impossible. These people just eat too little to gain weight even though they eat all that junk stuff. It’s not healthy at all but you won’t get fat by eating under your caloric needs even if it’s junk. I know lots of persons who thought they’d never gain weight but after following these guidelines they got bigger, more muscular and stronger. Of course they gained a bit of body fat but if you’re a skinny 165 lbs at 6” a little fat won’t hurt at all. Continue reading

Building Muscle Mass While Losing Fat – Is It Possible?

A lean, muscular and ripped body with rock hard abs is the goal of most bodybuilders and fitness athletes but why aren’t most people in such a condition? Only a few people you see in your gym can claim to be “in shape” and “ripped” so you might think it’s lots of hard work, discipline and patience, right? Right! It’s all about hard work, discipline and patience but that’s what bodybuilding is about and if you’ve been training for some time you know that.

Building Muscle Mass While Burning Body Fat – Truth or Myth?

After a long winter your scale might show 20 lbs more than before but while building muscle mass and strength we often forget about our abs which slowly will be covered by body fat if we’re not careful with our nutrition. Winter means Christmas which means lots of unhealthy but delicious food so you’re likely to store some body fat. With summer approaching, once again it’s time to restrict calories, do lots of cardio and burn away those fat layers. But this time you’ll approach the whole thing in a different way than before.

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5 Reasons Why Alcohol Prevents You From Building Muscle

Hey Guys,

it’s been a long time since the last update as I just had no time to blog but now I’m back with a new quite interessting post. There are lots of aspiring athletes who want to know if alcohol is really that bad if you want to build muscles or lose fat. Simple answer: Yes it is.

Drinking too much alcohol has a huge negative impact, not just on your muscle gains but also on your body. Continue reading

Discover The Benefits of Green Tea

Right now I’m sitting here drinking a cup of fresh green tea and I thought I let you know about the great benefits it has. Of course you could buy green tea capsules but why not just drink green tea as it’s cheaper and beneficial. Well, did you know green tea offers a whole lot of health benefits like antioxidants, increased metabolism, cancer protection and it keeps you energized, just to name a few of its benefits. Asians have been drinking this tea for hundreds of years because they’ve known about the medicinal uses for achieving and maintaining good health.

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