Benefits of BCAA Supplements – More Than Just Amino Acids

BCAA’s stands for branched chain amino acids and are among the most popular supplements like protein powder, creatine and glutamine but for a good reason. As well as protein powder, creatine and glutamine have certain benefits and have been proven to work; BCAA’s also have their place among these “classic” supplements. Like in the post on glutamine I won’t go very deep into stuff like the different pathway protein synthesis is activated through and other metabolic processes because I think showing practical functions and effects of supplementing with BCAA’s is more helpful and beneficial for persons who don’t know anything about it. Continue reading

Glutamine Reviewed – What Makes this Amino Acid so Special?

I bet you’re common to the name Glutamineand probably you’ve seen in it supplement stores and on the internet, but what do you really know about glutamine and its benefits? I’ve seen lots of people taking glutamine in the gym after working out and a lot of them just do it because they got told that glutamine is a great supplement.  Maybe you’re one of them or you’ve never used glutamine supplements, however I dedicated this post to this special amino acid so you’ll know everything you should know. I won’t go deep into metabolic processes and stuff like that since I want deliver easy to understand information and tips. Continue reading

Protein Powders – Welcome to the Jungle

When looking for protein powder products, lots of people find themselves lost in the jungle – Lost in the jungle of protein powders and since there are hundreds of different protein supplements, most persons don’t find a way out of the jungle. But don’t worry because this “guide” should clear most things up and actually there wouldn’t be such a big confusion if it weren’t for marketing purposes. Protein powders have been around for a long time and are the most well known as well as the most popular supplement for bodybuilders and other athletes. You can buy it in your local fitness store, supermarket and of course on the internet.

Benefits of Protein Powder Supplements

Protein powders have lots of benefits since they are a convenient protein source and of high quality (if you choose the right protein). You just need your protein powder, a shaker cup and water or milk and you’re ready to go. Literally, no whole food is higher in protein and handier than protein powder. It’s also the perfect protein source before and after a workout because it’s digested very quickly so the amino acids can get to muscle tissue immediately. Compared with beef and other high quality animal protein sources you’ll get more protein for less money. Nevertheless this doesn’t mean protein powder should make up the greater part of your daily protein intake Continue reading

5 Supplements That Help Hardgainers Gain Muscle Mass

In contrast with all those people who want to lose weight i.e. fat there are people out there who want to gain weight i.e. muscle mass but no matter how hard they try, it never really works. Fortunately there are all those supplement manufacturers that throw out promises like “…is 300% more effective than steroids” or “Gain 20 pounds of muscle in 8 weeks”. No need to explain that such statements aren’t really true. But besides lots of useless supplements there are actually a few which can help you build muscle mass if used properly.

Of course supplements won’t transform you into Schwarzenegger or make you gain 10 lbs in 4 weeks or so but they can make a difference of 10% if your training, nutrition and recovery are already suited to your needs. So don’t bother buying 25 different supplements if your workout routine or diet is crap.

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