Discover The Benefits of Green Tea

Right now I’m sitting here drinking a cup of fresh green tea and I thought I let you know about the great benefits it has. Of course you could buy green tea capsules but why not just drink green tea as it’s cheaper and beneficial. Well, did you know green tea offers a whole lot of health benefits like antioxidants, increased metabolism, cancer protection and it keeps you energized, just to name a few of its benefits. Asians have been drinking this tea for hundreds of years because they’ve known about the medicinal uses for achieving and maintaining good health.


Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea offers amazing health benefits as it contains lots of catechin polyphenols like epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which is the most abundant and potent antioxidant in green tea. It’s an antioxidant with cancer-fighting attributes. EGCG  has been demonstrated to be over 100 times more effective in neutralizing free radicals than vitamin c. Studies have shown that it can help in protection against different forms of cancer like gastric, skin, ovarian, lung, esophageal and colon cancer. The risk of developing bladder or prostate cancer is also reduced as a benefit of drinking green tea.
As studies have shown green tea also lowers blood pressure, cholesterol and it reduced risk of having a heart attack. Tea drinkers can eat nearly twice the foods containing cholesterol  as persons who don’t drink green tea and still have a similar cholesterol count. Beside its immune boosting antioxidants, it’s also good for your teeth because green tea contains bacteria killing properties against plaque, bad breath and gum disease.
But there is even more, due to the polyphenols in green tea studies affirm that regular tea drinkers have a stronger bone structure and are less likely to suffer rheumatoid arthritis. People who drank green tea for 10 years or more on a regular basis had higher bone mineral density than non-tea drinkers.

Catechins in Green Tea

While there is lots of confusion around the amount of catechins in green tea and many say to benefit from catechins you have to take capsules including green tea extract, this just isn’t right. Regarding a study published in 2007 by the US Department of Agriculture one cup (200ml) of green tea contains about 220-250mg of catechins.  Thereby 1g of green tea leaves were brewed in 100ml of water resulting in about 125mg of catechins per 100ml.

Some More Great Benefits of Green Tea

  • Improving blood structure
  • Preventing blood clots
  • Preventing type 2 diabetes
  • Calorie burning

Uses in Bodybuilding and Fitness

Green tea is a great alternative to coffee or energy drinks which are used pre-workout. Some persons tend to get nervous from these drinks and feel uncomfortable as they react quite sensitive to caffeine. Although green tea contains caffeine it won’t make you nervous because of theanine which relaxes you mentally. Theanine is an amino acid which has calming effects on the brain but without influencing physical performance.

Green Tea for Weight Loss

Research suggests that green tea can raise your metabolism by 3% if you drink about 3 glasses a day. 3% doesn’t sound much but combined with cardio and weight training you will take great advantage of the fat burning effects.


According to a study which was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, green tea activates the bodys thermogenic fat-burning activity. For 12 weeks, subjects ingested 690mg of catechins and experienced a significant reduction of total body fat, waist circumference and skinfold thickness. 690mg of catechins correspond to about 3-4 cups of tea.

You see green tea has a lot of amazing benefits for you and if you’re not drinking it I highly recommend you to give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

What Is the Best Green Tea to Drink?

Well, there are huge differences in quality when it comes to tea, comparable with wine. Buying a package of green tea at your local supermarket is probably the biggest mistake you can make as this tea is mostly crap or did you really think manufactures select tea of high quality to be put in bags and sold in supermarkets? The leaves have to be broken apart to make them fit into small tea bags and broken leaves don’t contain as much healthful nutrients as whole leaves. For maximum benefits I suggest you get green tea in loose whole leaf form.

How to Make Green Tea More Effective?

The antioxidants in green tea quickly lose their power in your intestine which means that 80% of the catechins won’t get absorbed. But there’s a simple solution for this. You just have to flavor your tea with freshly squeezed lemon, orange, lime or grapefruit juice. You don’t need much juice, I add about 50ml of freshly squeezed lemon juice to 500-700ml green tea. I recommend (I do it myself) drinking 5-6 cups fresh green tea a day.
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Did you enjoy this post? Do you intend to apply grean tea into your daily nutrition? I hope so because it would benefit you a lot.



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