One of the Most Effective Ways to Do Interval Training

There are dozens of ways to do interval training and in this post I’ll show you a method which is incredible effective and not boring at all. It requires no machine, treadmill, equipment or something like that. You don’t even need a gym for this type of HIIT and you can do it outside in the fresh air while getting some nice tan if the sun is shining. This method is very exhausting but you’ll get in amazing condition, burn calories like crazy and you also get great shape into your legs.

While most people don’t have any problems doing steady state cardio lots of people are quite unsure on how to do interval cardio training the right way. However, make sure to integrate both cardio types into your training for the best results.

Stair Sprinting – Another Method to Do High Intensity Interval Training

Your typical HIIT workout might be on a stationary cycle, treadmill or some other cardio machine in the gym doing work intervals of 30 – 60 seconds while recovery intervals take about 60 – 120 seconds. This is a typical 1:1 or 1:2 work to recovery interval repeated 8 – 12 times.

As I mentioned earlier stair sprinting is best done outside in the fresh air because you need enough stairs but if you don’t have any other options you can also use stairs in a building. Stadium stairs are perfect because they are straight and long enough for sprinting intervals but not everybody has access to such stairs. Just think a little bit where you can find such stairs or do it like Sly Stallone in “Rocky” and use public places. Don’t be scared as it’s not forbidden to run stairs up and down, maybe some people will stare at you but who gives a damn?

The stairs I use take me about 10 seconds sprinting up and walking down about 30 seconds which fits with usual HIIT guidelines since it’s a 1:3 work to recovery interval. Usually I warm up by walking and jogging the stairs a few times and when I’m all warmed up I start sprinting. I do 8 – 12 intervals because it’s very exhausting and I don’t want to overtrain my legs.

Why I Like Stair Sprinting as HIIT

First of all it’s new for most people so it makes fun and is quite exciting because lots of people are bored by the classical low intensity long duration cardio which, as a matter of fact, is quite a waste of time as long as you don’t intend to participate in a marathon.

HIIT is very exhausting if it’s done right so it’s quite a timesaver because a session usually doesn’t take longer than 10-15 minutes. Especially stair sprinting is a great method to get great shape in your legs (as long as your body fat is low) but you shouldn’t do it a day before or after your regular leg workout in the gym.

I’m a person who likes to be outside on sunny days and stair sprinting is perfect to be done outside in the fresh air.

Stair Sprinting and How to Integrate Into Your Workout Schedule

When doing stair sprinting or any other form of HIIT you do more work in less time so you can replace a session of steady state cardio with HIIT. Depending on intensity and effort you might get more cardiovascular conditioning than by doing long duration cardio.

Start with one session a week and build up to 2 times a week depending on your goals (muscle growth or fat loss) and your weight workout. I wouldn’t recommend doing it more often because your weight workout will suffer at some time. Cardio can also be done as active recovery but at moderate intensity (70-75% of max. HR) for 30 – 45 minutes.

Be aware that stair sprinting is not for everybody so make sure you don’t have any injuries or orthopedic issues like bad knees. Also if you’re overweight you should start walking stairs up as this is probably hard enough and it’s less stress on your joints.

It’s also important to build up gradually depending on your current health and fitness level. You can start with 6 intervals and then build up from there. The first times you might want to jog or run the stairs instead of sprinting so you get used to it. Don’t never ever sprint stairs unless you’re properly warmed up and ready because this is a common reason for hamstring pulls.

What about you? Will you give stair sprints a try? I hope so because it’s one of the most fun ways to do HIIT and it’s just a freaking awesome workout.

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