Xtreme Fat Loss Diet by Joel Marion

The Xtreme Fat Loss Diet is a diet and training program designed by Joel Marion for one special purpose: To lose as much fat as possible in 25 days. It’s based on a highly strategic diet and training approach that includes 9 components as well as a 5 day diet and training cycle which is repeated 5 times.

The Xtreme Fat Loss Diet isn’t a regular diet because it focuses on rapid fat loss and therefore its diet and training program looks quite exotic. You’ll have cheat days, protein only days, moderate carbohydrate days, fast days and shake days. Training schedule includes new principles like lactic acid training, strength and density workouts and dynamic training put together by John Romaniello.

You’ll get 8 individual workouts which are performed 3 times over the 25 day cycle. Every single day has its point and is strategically designed to get the best possible results out of it so don’t try to tweak something and don’t change workouts. This diet and training program is fully optimized and will work for almost anyone who follows exactly what it says.

A 5 day cycle in general starts with a cheat day on you’ll perform a density training workout, which is similar to a typical bodybuilding workout to protect muscle mass, burn lots of calories and might even allow some gains in lean body mass. This day will boost your leptin and fat burning hormone levels so your body is in a fat burning mode over the following days.

The next day is a fast day where you want to have a great caloric deficit created through strategic fasting and lactic acid training. You’ll easily fuel your workout because of your fully loaded glycogen and intracellular triglycerides stores due to the cheat day.

After a fast day you’ll have a shake-only day and strength training is performed on this day to maintain strength levels as well as lean body mass. The shake-only day is also quite low in calories and as it says all nutrition on this day is consumed in shakes.

The following day looks more like a typical diet day because carbs and calories are increased compared to other days. This day also gives you a little break from the “extreme” course of the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet. Dynamic training is done to increase further fat loss as it’s metabolically very exhausting.

The last day of the 5 day cycle is a protein-only day where you perform a lactic acid training workout. This day’s purpose is to deplete glycogen and intramuscular energy stores so lactic acid training makes the most sense. Due to increased carbs and calories the day before you’ll also burn a good amount of fat on this day.

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